27 May 2019 17:19:32 By Brita

Arrival - Nicaragua May 2019


31. That’s the number willing and prepared to serve on this years medical mission trip. We come together from all different areas, those including; South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Texas to join our Nicaraguan Brothers and Sisters, who serve along side us as well. We each bring our own unique gifts, talents, and expertise, that combined we are joined as one team.

We arrived in the capital of Nicaragua, Managua late Saturday evening without a hitch. We then loaded up our supplies and journeyed 8hrs across country on a bus driven by our trusted Julio, who also serves on our team. Along the way we wasted no time and started preparing some of the supplies for the upcoming clinics. And as the sun set on our journey, we continued preparing by making good use of the headlamps and flashlights some of us had brought along. Passing, stuffing, labeling, zipping, and packing. A sure sign our team was already melding together well.

We then arrived at our hotel in Bluefields around 10pm. We unloaded our luggage and supplies, ate a very late dinner, and off to bed. Totally exhausted, but grateful for the day.

This morning after breakfast our team worshiped together at Verbo church here in Bluefields. Though a different culture and language, we all immediately connected through mutual love and understanding. It was an amazing experience. In preparation for a busy afternoon, we ate locally at a place downtown and then headed over to Bluefields hospital for a tour. We were able to see first hand the incredible need for...everything. 
This was the clear beginning of why we are here. With this fresh on our hearts we were eager to get back to our hotel and finish the needed preparations for the week. We ate dinner, went through a mock clinic, and closed with devotion. Tonight as we rest our heads, our hearts prepare for our week of service.

This team is a creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. We are blessed with a wonderful team of missionaries who are eager to serve and work together to do God’s work.

Until next time.
Blessings from Bluefields, Nicaragua!