Day 3 in Nicaragua began with another exciting water excursion on panga boats to an island community just across the bay from Bluefields. We quickly unloaded each boat and were met by a few small tuk tuks (rickshaws) that carried some of our supplies to the clinic site while all of us set off on foo...

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With clear skies and temperatures at a perfect 75 degrees, we traveled by panga boats to our next destination. With the reggae music blaring and loud chants passing from boat to boat, energy was certainly not lacking — despite our 5:30am wake-up call!

So off we went to Kukra Hill! To greet us wa...

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Day One January 2020 - Limones
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Day 6 and last clinic day
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Day 5 and 3rd Clinic
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Day 4 and second day of clinic
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Mission Trip Day 3 and first clinic
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May Mission Trip Day 1 and 2.
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Mission work is not short lived, not in it's intentions nor in it's memories. It is an experience that changes lives for everyone involved. And not only in the global health community but in the people we cross paths with, and the friendships that are formed. 

Distance just means far from the ey...

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